Options for designing your dream space

You want to make the most of your outdoor living space. The size of your deck and how you plan to use it will determine some of the other aspects of your deck design. Want to add a hot tub? An outdoor fire pit? Want to use it as a place where you can create culinary masterpieces? Maybe you want an area where you can entertain friends and family as the summer sun fades to the horizon. And even after the sun goes down. A variety of options are available to you.


If your deck is above ground level, you need a railing. Several types of railings are available. Composite railings require a much larger footprint so they are only suitable for very large decks. Custom made and coloured aluminum railings suit some deck designs, especially if you have young children. Glass railings are elegant and allow an unobstructed view, especially with frameless glass.


We use low-voltage LED lighting for decks and stairs. LED lights boast great longevity as well as stability and have an exceptionally low energy draw. An entire deck of lights will have the same power consumption as a pair of LED light bulbs in your home. We can even connect your lighting to a smart plug so that you can easily control your lighting directly from your mobile device.


We can add a hot tub, fire pit and gas-fired barbeque to further enhance your deck space. Maybe your deck surrounds a pool area. Safety considerations such as weight and heat are paramount, as well as the ability to run natural gas lines, water or electricity to areas of your deck. You also have the option of adding an overhead pergola to provide shade and protection from weather conditions.

Start by designing the outdoor living space you have in mind. We’ll provide a no-obligation quotation.