Decks have come a long way

Have a look around your house. If you could change one thing what would it be? Chances are you said your deck. In fact, the latest trend in household design has become your deck. Not just in design, but size.

No too long ago, a deck that measured 10 feet x 20 feet adequately accommodated a BBQ, a couple of lawn chairs to sit and relax upon, and a few friends. Nowadays, with the latest in outdoor kitchens, built-in Jacuzzi’s, and the trend to entertain in a big way means your once standard rectangular deck has become obsolete.

Homeowners are looking at their deck as an extension to their living space. They are no longer satisfied with the standard “builder’s deck.” Instead, they are opting for features that allow them to entertain more frequently despite the weather. Features like exterior lighting and fire pits to keep your guests warm are becoming the norm, and things like this just don’t fit comfortably on a standard size deck.

Homeowners are opting to have custom designed, multi-level decks built that rival the interior square footage of their home. The deck is becoming an extension of your interior by making it self-sufficient and comfortable. It is becoming its own living space apart from the interior. One popular option that homeowners are opting for with their deck design is an outdoor, fully functional kitchen. These come equipped with fridges, super-sized grills and warming ovens to keep your cooked food at the perfect temperature. Add to this hot and cold running water and you have a chef’s dream kitchen outdoors.

Builders are seeing this trend and incorporating them into the new homes they build, further driving this emphasis on decks forward.

Homeowners are opting to have custom designed, multi-level decks built that rival the interior square footage of their home.

Decks have also taken a dramatic turn in the type of materials being used. At one time, it was quite commonplace to drive down a street and see a barrage of green, wooden decks with a couple of chairs and a BBQ resting in the corner. These pressure-treated wood decks required careful cleaning, were rough on bare feet, and were often laced with harsh chemicals to keep them rot-resistant. It was the only thing available at the time other than standard building materials that required constant painting or staining.

Today, those old fashioned deck materials are taking a back seat to new, modern materials like Trex™ composite decking, which is made from recycled man-made materials. This material looks like real wood, lasts longer and is far more durable. It comes in many different colors that can accentuate your home and make the deck stand out in a showcase manner. Colors can be combined into eye-catching designs that require very little maintenance. In addition, composite decks include built-in lighting features that make your deck a centerpiece of your home after the sun goes down.

If you are stringently a die-hard fan of wood, no longer do you have to settle for cedar or pressure treated lumber. New growing methods and an increase in imports has brought the cost of exotic tropical hardwood decking to an inexpensive price.

When it comes to your outdoor entertaining options, don’t settle for the traditional rectangular box of days gone by. Talk to XMT Construction for insights. We’ll help you plan your outdoor space to have something built that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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