Tips For Maintaining Your Sundeck And Railings

Your outdoor space is likely one of the best features of your home, especially when the weather is suitable. Whether you have a wood deck and railings in the Lower Mainland, or a composite sundeck and topless glass railings, there are a number of things you can do throughout the year to ensure your deck and railings are well cared for and maintained. Follow these tips in order to ensure that your deck and railings are up to par come spring and summer.

Sweep Away: Keep It Clean

The Lower Mainland can have some harsh, rainy weather. As a result of this, you may have noticed a build-up of debris, including leaves and perhaps moss, on your deck. Keeping a regular sweeping schedule will help with the overall maintenance of your deck throughout the year, and is most important with wood decks to avoid decay and staining.

Wash Away The Harmful Stuff

It’s also important to wash your deck on a regular basis to ensure that you rid it of harmful substances like mold and fungus. Whether you have a composite or wood deck, ensure that you purchase the correct cleaning agent for your particular deck surface, and wash it regularly with water and a scrub brush. Generally, a power washer won’t be required; just be sure to wash away the cleaning agent completely.

Sand Away Splinters

For the rough areas on your wood deck and railings, consider getting a professional sander to smooth the rough areas, both for comfort and the overall maintenance of your deck. While preventing splinters, sanding your deck regularly can also help to keep it healthy and free of fungus and mold.

Sealant For Sun Damage

Especially if it’s made of wood, your deck will be vulnerable to damage from the sun in the hot summer months. When you think the time is right and the sun is ready to start shining, you may want to consider coating your deck and railings in a sealer with a paintbrush or roller. Of course this is not a step for composite deck owners.

Repair The Damage In The Details

Small repairs are much easier to accomplish than complete replacements, so pay attention to the small details of your deck. You may need to repair or replace broken nails in your wood deck and railings, or you might need to add extra caulking seals around the posts and pillars in your vinyl deck.

Keeping Glass Railings Crystal Clear

If you have glass railings around your deck, you can keep them looking as good as new by washing them regularly with diluted dish soap in warm water and a soft cloth, or you can try using white vinegar in water. Rinse the glass railings thoroughly, and use a squeegee to whisk away the extra water, letting the warm air dry your crystal clear glass railings.

Regardless of the weather throughout the majority of the year, you’ll certainly be happy you made the effort to care for your outdoor space as soon as the sun comes out. Don’t procrastinate on this ongoing home improvement task if you want to take full advantage of the fresh spring and summer air! If you’re interested in learning more about composite, wood and vinyl decks and railings and how they are maintained, don’t hesitate to visit our website or get in touch directly with one of our deck specialists.

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