Should You Choose a BBQ Island or Outdoor Kitchen?

As spring approaches, it’s time to think about your outdoor entertainment options for the summer months. It’s awesome to have a group of friends over for a meal on the patio while you talk about the many things that make life awesome. So as you plan to upgrade or design a kitchen area on your deck, should you choose a BBQ Island or would it be better to build an Outdoor Kitchen? Here are some insights from Genesis Kitchens, our preferred supplier in this area, to help you choose.

BBQ Island

A BBQ Island is similar to an island unit in your kitchen. It’s a structure located on your deck that houses a BBQ, and possibly a sink, fridge, stainless door and a drawer to hold supplies. BBQ Islands are typically made of concrete or stone materials and need to be built on site. A great way to think of the function of the BBQ Island is to bring all your supplies out of the house to the island. This reduces the need to run things back and forth as needed to cook a meal outdoors, but you still have to run back and forth before and after you cook. People can sit around the island and chat with beer or wine in hand while you are preparing your appys and your other dining selections. But keep in mind that because you need to clean up afterwards, you’ll be busy moving things back to the house at the end of the meal which could interfere with your entertainment experience.

Because of their construction specifics, they tend to be bulky and heavy. That means they won’t be a good fit for upper decks or patios where weight is an issue.

XMT Construction outdoor BBQ Island Genesis Kitchens
Example of a BBQ Island

Outdoor Kitchen

The Outdoor Kitchen is really an additional room located on the patio right next to your home. Think of it as the indoor kitchen located outdoors. It can be fully stocked as it has cabinetry not unlike your indoor kitchen. It can be completely self-sufficient with its own set of dishes, cutlery, fridge, sink, and in some cases a dishwasher. You can make your outdoor kitchen as intricate as you like.

Because an outdoor kitchen is a self-contained kitchen area, there’s generally no need to run back and forth to the indoor kitchen as all supplies and equipment can be stored all season outdoors. This means that after your meal is finished you can relax with your guests and not have to worry about putting everything away.

We live in a rainy part of the world, so what about durability? Don’t worry! Outdoor cabinetry withstands all the elements and has all the conveniences of indoor cabinetry. You can have drawers that extend fully and close softly. You can add recycle units and other aspects of a well-designed kitchen.

XMT Construction Outdoor Kitchen patio Genesis Kitchens
Example of an Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor cabinets are light weight and therefore a great choice for upper decks and patios. They don’t need a structure to hold them. They can be standalone units or built into the walls of your patio area. They can be installed in a day and come in a variety of colours, wood grain patterns and door styles to coordinate with your indoor look. The purpose of an outdoor kitchen is to add to your functional living space. It is the ultimate entertaining area.

Regardless of which style you choose, adding a kitchen area to your deck provides a way to energize the value of your deck. With the right design by XMT Construction you can enjoy a covered area protected from significant elements yet still serving as an outdoor space perfect for entertaining your neighbors, friends, clients and others. Adding outdoor heaters and covered areas gives you a wonderful outdoor space you can use year round. Picture yourself with your family and friends outside gathering around the kitchen, having a nice cold beer in the sun, does it get any better than that?

This article was created with information and photos from Genesis Kitchens, specialists in both BBQ Islands and Outdoor Kitchens

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