How to make your hot tub a beautiful part of your deck

If you own a hot tub or are thinking about buying one you should also consider putting a deck around it. Doing this will help blend your spa into its surroundings. Not only that, it will make the hot tub easier to use and enjoy. And there will be a huge improvement to the overall appeal of your space.

Deck Design

As is usually the case when designing a deck using wood or synthetic materials your design options are virtually limitless. There are however four main ways that people incorporate their hot tubs into new decking. No matter which way you choose it will get you the bold new look you desire and make your portable spa much more accessible and functional too. Here are a few suggestions:

Recess your Spa into the Decking
This option is when you build your deck around your spa so only the very top lip of the spa is showing. It makes it easy to access the hot tub and those who use it can also sit on the deck while their feet dangle in the spa. Building your deck like this also makes it very easy to remove your spa’s sometimes heavy and cumbersome insulated cover.

Partially Submerge the Spa into the Deck
Another deck building technique that works great for incorporating portable spas into decking is what is known as partially recessing the hot tub. This is where a significant portion of the sides of the hot tub remain above the deck level. This works great if you want to restrict access to your hot tub but still want to be able to comfortably sit on the edge of the spa when in the hot tub area.

Free Standing Hot Tub
When you build a deck this way it leaves your portable spa totally free standing. The only time you would really want to consider this option is if you have a hot tub with a beautifully designed wood or synthetic cabinet. The deck itself will beautify the surrounding area and give you much more room in the spa area too. Custom built steps to match the decking will usually be added for this type of deck building project too.

Build a Raised Platform around the Spa
This deck building option is often used in a situation where you cannot recess your hot tub down into a deck but that is the functionality you want. Here you will add on a second deck level built around the top of the hot tub that will give you the same desired effect. Of course steps will have to be built too in order for you to have access to this higher deck level from the lower deck.

Important Considerations When Deciding How to Build the Deck around Your Hot Tub

Here are some of the things you must take a close look at before you decide to do such things as lower a spa into a new deck or build a new deck up around it.

Spa Exterior
Let’s face it, not all portable spas have a good looking exterior. If that is true with your hot tub then you don’t want any or most of its cabinet to be visible. If the exterior of your spa looks great then you can leave more of it visible and that will increase your deck building options.

This is perhaps the most important deck building consideration when incorporating your portable spa into a new deck. If you are a family that has infants or toddlers you certainly don’t want to build your deck in a way that allows direct access into the hot tub. Family pets must be considered here too if they spend unsupervised time in the hot tub area.

You may not always have all the deck design options mentioned above if you have restrictions due to the setting of your home. For instance, you may not be able to build a raised deck if there are overhangs in the area where you want your spa to sit. You may also not be able to fully recess your spa if there is rocky ground that can’t be excavated below the area where you want to build your deck.

Deck Access Point
How you plan to enter your hot tub area is also a big factor in deciding how to build a new deck around it. It will require a different design to enter your hot tub area from a nearby fenced pool as opposed to entering from an access point such as a sliding patio door on your home. You must also consider whether your new spa deck is to be attached to your home or is to be built as a free standing deck.

This is a prime consideration in deck design when building a deck around your hot tub for sure. It’s especially true if you live in an area where your neighbor’s homes are very close to yours. When you are using your spa with your significant other or you are entertaining guests, you certainly don’t want overly nosey neighbors being able to observe everything you do in your new hot tub deck area.

Many homes that have hot tubs have spectacular views and you don’t want to block these in any way. If that is the case with you then you will want to design your deck so it will enable you to enjoy the view of the surrounding area while using your hot tub. When you do this you get the best of both worlds. You will enhance the viewing pleasure of the surrounding area and you will also greatly improve the looks of the setting your portable spa is placed in.

A hot tub is an item with many working parts in it. Chances are one or more of those working parts will need to be replaced at some point in its lifetime. That is why access to the motor compartment and other maintenance areas under the hot tub must be considered when designing a deck to be built around it.

Call XMT Construction for Help with Your Spa Deck Design

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